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Daniel Heckenberg daniel at bogusfront.org
Wed Apr 30 05:24:36 CEST 2003

Excellent work with the particles - this will be a great improvement.

GEM really needs this sort of thing to allow visual complexity without
incredible patch complexity.

I think it would be interesting to have other sorts of geometric collections
as well... the path is clear now!


On 29/4/03 6:12 PM, "chris clepper" <cclepper at artic.edu> wrote:
>> Particles:
>> 1.
>> the long awaited [part_render] (couldn't think of a better name) !
>> everything that is below the [part_render] will be used as a basic
>> particle (like textured models (ok, this might be a little bit
>> exhaustive))
> this is really nice.  i have changed the demo patch to include a
> pix_filmYUV and pix_texture and it workds really great even with DV!
> very little extra CPU load for 5 generated particles and a killold of
> 10 to 20.  make your own particles is the way to go.
>> 2.
>> [part_info] is similar to [part_render] but doesn't actually
>> transform a render-list but rather provides all particle-properties
>> as lists.
> this is great too.  so dead simple i couldn't believe it.  now the
> thing i want to add is doing some sort of alpha blending and color
> fading on the particles as they 'age'.  so instead of just
> disappearing when they die they fade to black.  i have tried to do
> this using the position output and the 4th arg to [color] but it's
> not very effective.  the particle lib doesn't seem to do much with
> alpha channels that i've found so maybe this has to be added in.
>> 1+2.
>> there are 2 demo-patches in particle
>> i hope, this will make the particle-system finally "useful"
>> (personally i didn't like the dot/line particles)
> yeah this is an improvement, a big one.  thanks.

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