[PD-dev] devel_0_37 branch

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Mon Jun 2 15:09:35 CEST 2003

Hi there !

I just opened the devel_0_37 branch on CVS. There are not too many
differences between Millers version and this one.

- configure.in checks for tcl/tk headers again (this is needed for Debian
- the tcl/tk 8.4 patch
- JACK support as s_audio_jack.c (until jack support works in portaudio)

I have not yet included any of the patches from devel_0_37, mainly because
several have already been there (thanks Miller, I hope it wasn't too much
of a pain to incorporate them. If so, let us now, and we will try to find
a better procedure).

I am going to incorporate some of the (small) changes that are needed for
cross platform linux stuff (SPARC, IA64, etc, etc, ..).

If an important feature is missing (some of Thomas threading stuff ??)
please let us discuss it.

A last thing, Frank , you said ALSA does not work on 0.37, but it should,
because there is still native ALSA support.

The CVS devel_0_36 had a slighlty different ALSA implementation which made
it possible to use the Hammerfall HDSP, should we use  incorporate that ?

Well, thats it, happy hacking


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