[PD-dev] devel_0_37 branch

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Jun 2 17:04:30 CEST 2003

guenter geiger hat gesagt: // guenter geiger wrote:

> - configure.in checks for tcl/tk headers again (this is needed for Debian
>   mainly).
> - the tcl/tk 8.4 patch
> - JACK support as s_audio_jack.c (until jack support works in portaudio)

First: thanks a lot for your effort. 

I still am not successful, though.

I get this error when trying Jack 0.71 (Debian unstable) after a fresh
checkout of Pd:

$ pd -jack
reading startup file: /home/freak/.pdrc
Testing for Jack
could not attach as client (duplicate client name?)
could not attach as client

There is no pure-data running else.

> A last thing, Frank , you said ALSA does not work on 0.37, but it should,
> because there is still native ALSA support.

ALSA with devel_037 works in principle, but gives wrong sounds. The
test patch sounds very distorted and also the sine frequencies are
wrong.  I'm using a Delta Audiophile...

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