[PD-dev] problem defining t_outlet array

Brian Sheehan rbsheehan at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 23:28:07 CEST 2003


I'm having problems trying to define an array of type
t_outlet. here's the code:

#include "m_pd.h"

typedef struct _shapetape
    t_object x_obj;
    t_clock *x_clock;
    double x_deltime;
    int x_hit;
    t_int points;
    t_outlet outlets[NUM_OUTLETS];//problem code
    double *x, *y, *z;
    t_atom *x_out, *y_out, *z_out; 
} t_shapetape;

The compiler (gcc3 w/ Project Builder) gives this

shapetape.c:17: field `outlets' has incomplete type

I noticed in m_pd.h that t_outlet is #define'd to

Does this mean to include some other header for the
definition of _outlet? The only place I could find a
definition was m_obj.c...



p.s. The external I'm developing is for reading data
from a serial device called the Shapetape
which I'll be using as the dynamic system to scan in a
scanned synthesis (http://www.csounds.com/scanned/)
instrument. If anyone has any advice on developing
this sort of external, it would be much appreciated...
this is my first ever pd (or max!) object. Also, if
anyone out there is interested in scanned synthesis,
mail me and I can give more details about my planned
digital instrument.

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