[PD-dev] Pd 0.37 test 7 and cvs devel_0_37

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sun Aug 3 10:11:33 CEST 2003

> Pd calls exit instead of causing the scheduler to return is so that the
> result of quitting is immediate (not after the next "tick" processes, for
> instance.)  This is probably not too important a difference, so if there
> real advantages to exiting cleanly I can try it out that way.  It's
> to stop people from exiting uncleanly in other ways (task manager, for
> so I never saw it as important to worry about that.

It's probably the only real reason, but an important one for me..... when
the PD dynamic library is used from within another application, that is when
s_entry.c is not used but replaced, this application has no control over PD
exiting, which may be important for cleanup. I tried using atexit handlers
but that it is too limited. I don't think that the delay of soft quitting
compared to exit is ever noticeable, is it?

best greetings,

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