[PD-dev] Introduction, GEM 0.87 G++3.2.1 and Gentoo Linux

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Aug 11 21:21:37 CEST 2003

Zitiere Lee Azzarello <lee at fallingforward.net>:

> Issues I've encountered:
> 1) Whoever made the source tarball kept their Makefile in there.
that was me...

indeed, the gem-0.87 source-release has a lot of drawbacks, deficiencies and 

however, i hope we will in near future get a gem-0.888 release with all of the 
problems fixed

i personally suggest, you should use the CVS-version of Gem (for instructions 
see http://gem.iem.at/downloads/ (or was it /download/ ?)

all the bugs you have mentioned should be fixed in there.


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