[PD-dev] comport for OSX

Brian Sheehan rbsheehan at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 17:52:24 CEST 2003

Hi ben,
I ported some serial port code that was written for
windows to Mac OS X recently. You will pretty much
have too rewrite the windows code, as the API is
completely different on both platforms. That said,
it's not that hard a job. I'm attaching two files, one
with windows serial code, and another with the ported
code. Note: the function SetLastError() is a windows
api function. For the Mac OS X version of the code, I
provided a function of this name which threw an
appropriate exception. You could use this function to
set errno or whatever suits your purposes. 

By the way, I'm using a keyspan serial port adapter
(USA19QW), it works great.


ben said:
Hello all,

I have a project coming up in two months and I would
be very happy to 
able to interface pd on OSX with a serial device.
(using keyspand 

How possible would a OSX port of comport object be?


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