[PD-dev] Re: pure data external debian packets

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Thu Aug 21 10:25:59 CEST 2003

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Pablo wrote:
> hi Guenter!
> I wrote to Yves to find more about putting his externals into cvs and about
> compiling pidip w/o support for liblame.
> About having one or several source packages i'm not very sure.. it's
> clear we need that for small externals, but for the big ones it could be
> a bit annoying, also i don't like the versioning scheme you are using...
> for example your debian package for pdp has version 00.20030718-5 while
> it'd be much nicer if it said 0.9 as that's the version for pdp.

Exactly. Thats why I want the big packages that do "something else" as
separate source packages, thats the only way to do proper versioning.

The plan is to have one "pd-externals" package, which will hold all
the small externals, and make additional modules for the others.

currently this would be:
- pdp
- flext (together with the externals written with flext)
- zexy
- cyclone
- unauthorized (just saw that they are in there)

The best would be to move all the other deeper into the hierarchy:

    \flext\.. (with footils ..)
    \pdp (with pidip .. ?)

> i think big packets that are actualizad constantly like pdp and pidip
> for example might go into a different source package w/o much problem and definitely their version should read like the real one. anyway i don't know if having a very big source package is a big problem. i'm starting to mess with it.
> i'm looking to integate pdp into your source package for the moment, i
> hope to have it finished soon. i have used cvs several times, but i want
> to familiarize with your structure. also i'm not sure if i should try to
> actualize it or just delete the old folder and create a new one with the
> new version.

As Tom doesn't seem to be actively working with the CVS you can do as you
like. (You can't delete the folder itself anyhow, but only its contents).

> this is it for the moment...

ok, cool, finally I think we should move our discussions to pd-devel ..
(which I did with this message)


> 	pablo

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