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Agreed, but you must admit that running just a window-manager is lighter
than running a full desktop-environment, no matter how much you strip
them back. Obviously the more processes running on your system, the more
CPU time that must be shared. Also, I find the startup times of a
freshly installed Gnome or KDE desktop simply intolerable, but that is
a matter of personal preference I suppose.


On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 09:49:02AM +0200, Christian Klippel wrote:
> hi all,
> please, dont confuse window-managers with desktop-enviroments.
> kde is (and gnome as well) a complete enviroment, with apps, helpers, tools...
> you can happily use any other window manager in kde, like icewm, fvwm, .....
> also, you can disable all that funky bells and whistles in kde, thus making it 
> pretty plain while still giving the great flexibility of a desktop.
> memory shouldnt be a real concern nowdays, ask your local dealer for the price 
> of, lets say, 256 mbyte.
> for the "cpu-hog": it hogs as much cpu as many bells-and-whistles you have 
> enabled. and, as with any app using dynamic librarys, if you load a single 
> kde app in a non-kde enviroment, it takes pretty "long" the first time. but 
> if you were inside kde, where most of the libs are already loaded, it will go 
> really fast.
> i for myself will never give up the ease-of-use of a real desktop like (and 
> especially) kde.
> greets,
> chris
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