[PD-dev] using the Tcl/Wish console instead of a terminal

Joseph A. Sarlo jsarlo at ucsd.edu
Sat Aug 30 23:09:04 CEST 2003

You can use WinMain() as the entry point instead of main(). You'll have to
tokenize the command line string and use GetModuleFileName() to get the path
to the executable file for argv[0]. I'll need to do this soon for Pd-VST

jsarlo at ucsd.edu

> I've tried, but I can't figure out how, in Windows at least, to suppress
> the terminal window altogether, and without being able to do that there
> little reason to redirect the output to the one window over the other.
> Plus, I'm convinced throwing the output on the terminal is more efficient
> than anything I could get running in Tk without hacking into the native
> window systems...

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