[PD-dev] ASIO weirdness

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Sun Aug 31 09:24:57 CEST 2003

Hello all,

c:/pd/bin/pd.exe -verbose -listdev -pa -nomidi -channels 4

That's my command line.  Everything appears to work normally, but I've
encountered a problem when:

1. I lower the setting for "Latency" in the Media toolbar > Audio Settings
to anything below 70 (the default)
2. then turn the DSP on and off a few times.  The higher the setting, the
more stable the application.the lower the setting, the sooner it craps out.

For example, if I lower the setting to "12" then turn the DSP on and off
maybe 5 times or less, PD creates an error and WinXP asks me to send an
error report to the folks in Washington state.  If I set the latency setting
to "24", then turn the DSP on and off maybe 30 times, PD creates an error

Is this a PD error or a Portaudio error - or my error?
Is this a known problem?  Can I do something to prevent this?

My stats:
WinXP Pro
Pd 0.37 test 10 (most recent)
MOTU 2408mkII
MOTU's proprietary PCI-1324 card and ASIO support

p.s.: Portaudio on my system has always been rather 'sketchy' at the best of
times.  I've reported problems before that PD would crash upon opening
perhaps 1 of 10 times but that was in the previous Portaudio version.  Do
other users experience this problem too?  Cuz if not, then I should be
writing this email message to MOTU or the PortAudio team.

Dave Sabine

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