[PD-dev] CVS pd linux build updated and inventory of changes

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Oct 7 17:15:40 CEST 2003

On Monday, Oct 6, 2003, at 12:57 America/New_York, guenter geiger wrote:
> I have updated the linux build on CVS, basically disabling portaudio
> builds as it is done in the official 0.37 version.
> We might have to add portaudio at some point, could be that it solves
> some problems that we have with alsa.
> Other than that I read through the differences, and here is what
> makes the CVS version different from upstream:
> - some t_int int issues, that caused build failures on 64 bit
>   architectures
> - array drawing dirty flags
> - experimental quoting with '"' as in "hello world" ..
>   but this is a hack and has probably to go away
>   Don't ask who did that :)
> - SIMD functions for Windows (added by Thomas)
> I think the SIMD functions are a great thing, and eventually it
> would be good to have these on all architectures.
> In this case it would be nice to have the assembler blocks in macros,
> and eventually in a different file (might be a .h as well).
> Otherwise the code will get terribly fragmented and hard to read.
> What do you think ? is this feasable ?

On a similar note, I had actually just been thinking about coming up  
with a standard set of CPU targets for compiling too, taking advantage  
of the optimizations gcc can do, using:


in the makefiles.  If its done in a way that is easy to compile, then I  
would be willing to compile and distribute a number of distros  
optimized for different CPUs.  Add in SIMD/SSE/Altivec, and now we're  
talking...  I think we should combine these efforts together.



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