[PD-dev] externals in CVS, now what?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Oct 20 04:12:14 CEST 2003

On Sunday, Oct 19, 2003, at 06:50 America/New_York, vanDongen/Gilcher  

> So what are the standard dependencies ?
> Just libc and pd ?

> I assume you mean dependencies to compile, not requirements to run.

Basically yes.

> How about my jackx externals. Obviously they need jack installed.  
> Should I
> remove them from the externals/ directory and move them somewhere else?

Hmm, limiting factor is that this whole thing has to be compiled by the  
Debian auto-builders, so the dependencies have to be set up.  My guess  
is that the jackx externals would have to be their own package but  
Guenter is the expert there.

As for the MacOS X and Windows, there are no auto-builders (unless you  
consider me to be an auto-builder), so the system is a bit more  


> Gerard
> On Sunday 19 October 2003 05:49, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> There really should be documentation for how to do this.  Its on my
>> todo list...
>> Basically, if your external can be compiled as a standalone object and
>> its only dependencies are standard ones, then you can add them to the
>> 'pd-externals' package.  You do this by adding files to
>> externals/build/src.  Open up the files there to see how its done, its
>> pretty simple.  Then each platform has a directory with what it needs
>> to build all those objects.  There is currently externals/build/linux,
>> externals/build/darwin, and externals/build/win.
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