[PD-dev] flext question

august august at alien.mur.at
Sat Mar 6 16:47:16 CET 2004

hola chicos,

I have a flext question.  I want to add a simple float message to the
first inlet of a flext external.

I have an AddInAnything()  inlet already, pluse some methods such as:

	FLEXT_ADDMETHOD_ (0, "start", m_start);

but when I add a method that only takes a float, such as:

	FLEXT_ADDMETHOD (0, m_start_f);

where m_start_f is a simple function:
	void m_start_f( float f) {
	  if (f == 0.0)
	    post("got a zero");
	  else post("got a non-zero");

now, when I send a message with a "0" in it to the first inlet, nothing
happens.  all the other messages work fine.  If I add a second inlet and
put the method on the second inlet with FLEXT_ADDMETHOD (1, m_start_f);
it works fine.  but, I need it on the first inlet.

any ideas?


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