[PD-dev] Making a Video/Graphics friendly Pd.app for MacOS X

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Jun 17 05:39:17 CEST 2004

So I finally have some time to work on the next versions of the MacOS X  
Pd.app and I would like to get all of the video stuff integrated so its  
easy to use and we don't have constant endless threads about getting  
Gem/Gem2PDP/GridFlow/PDP/PIDIP working.  I number of people expressed  
interest in helping with this, who all is still interested?

Here's what I think needs to be done:
- pick one system to provide necessary libs for all
           (I think Fink works best for this)
- the package needs to be compilable from lines in a Makefile
           (This makes complete automation possible)
- the code should be in the Pd CVS
           (This also makes automation much easier.  It looks like  
PDP/PIDIP/GEM2PDP are already
	there, I don't know where GridFlow is and ideally Gem could be moved  
back to the Pd CVS
	since it only really works with Pd anyway)

For the long run, it would be ideal if all of the objects in the video  
libs were compiled as individual files.  This makes it much easier for  
newbies since they you don't have to deal with the .pdrc at all, plus  
it makes handling name conflicts much easier (there are some in Gem for  



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