[PD-dev] redundancy - just another sound file player

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Jun 17 09:57:09 CEST 2004

> > simply stopped after some short time - it's also the same with the
> > associated help file. I tried to debug it, but gave up after some time.
> what do you mean about the help file?  you mean readanysf.pd?
> the help file needs to be debugged?

Nono, what i wanted to say is that the readanysf~ stop bug appears when
using the help file.

>  The
> > other thing is that readanysf~ is using two threads that are passing the
> > data but i wanted really low latency.
> hmm, it should only be using one thread.  I think flext starts the second
> thread as a helper ?

Sorry, you are right - only one thread in your code. I don't know why i
thought something else.
The flext helper thread is just there in the background to silently start
new threads with low initial priority.

> > 2) the built-in readsf~ is really trashy, sorry. I can't understand how
> > soundfile player can be part of the main distribution, that spits out
> > when the file isn't fully preloaded. With many parallel players and
> > system load the preload time is impossible to anticipate for an
> > patch.
> I think this might have to do with the windows implementation.  AFAIK, the
> windows version still isn't threaded.  Can that be?

Actually it's the same code for Windows and linux, which is threaded. I had
an installation running linux not too long ago that also had the readsf~
noise problem.

best greetings,

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