[PD-dev] XML again

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Dec 6 13:52:32 CET 2004

> > why invent the wheel again and again if there are platform independent
> > open source libraries out there?
> I'm not against code reuse at all, but the Pd data types DTD is so
> simple, that relying on a big library like Xerxes would be overkill
> IMO, and it will make compiling more difficult. Instead the xml
> handling can be embedded using something like tinyxml, which is
> exactly that, tiny.

Yes, XML is also handled with a custom parser in pool.
The general XML format is really not likely to change and if this is handled
properly there should not be a problem.
In pool it's only a few dozens of lines of code.

best greetings,

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