[PD-dev] PD patches in XML

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Fri Dec 10 10:44:36 CET 2004


> Ok, you're exactly not solving the problem of merging in CVS. That
> problem is that object ID's change too often, because if an object is
> deleted, its ID is not skipped, and a bunch of objects are renumbered just
> so that the ID is not skipped, because there is no way in the format to
> skip one. I think this has to be solved in the pd internals first, in the
Okay - you are right :( !

> Let me guess: his name is Mario ? A month after the convention I recalled
> that I had met online a guy called Mario from Graz several years earlier,
> but I didn't know PureData back then.
Yes, his name is Mario. I think now he is playing with supercollider and
other stuff like this.

> This might be a good time to introduce the Globally Unique Identifer, 
> perhaps in the form of a 32-bit random number that is generated for each 
> object in a patch and never reused -- the running pd program would 
> maintain a list of all GUIDs in use in the current session.
Yep, I also thought about this that way. The IDs of the objets don't have to
be numbered (in the XML format) - they could only be strings. But, of
course, then the problem is, that all the objects must be registered
somewhere in pd!


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