[PD-dev] Problems with building devel_0_38 on windows

Bartlomiej Bazior fev at ckmedia.pl
Tue Dec 14 21:37:55 CET 2004

Thomas Grill :
>>e:\pd_test\pd\src\s_audio.c(368) : error C2065: 'scheduler' : undeclared 
> Hi Bart,
> should be fixed in cvs now.

Ah yes. Now it's working :-)
BTW did anyone from pd dev team considered adding "-relief groove"
parameter to every entry/button/text widget defined in pd.tk ?
I tried that with devel_0_37, and IMHO it looks a bit nicer than
standard pd look (at least on windows - dunno about other platforms).
Here's an example:

http://www.ckmedia.pl/~fev/standard.jpg  - normal pd.tk
http://www.ckmedia.pl/~fev/relief_groove.jpg  - "patched" pd.tk

What do You think?


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