[PD-dev] PD patches in XML

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Dec 15 17:13:08 CET 2004

Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
>> <nbx ID="nbx1"/>
>> <obj ID="obj1">print
>>  <connect>
>>   <from ID="nbx1"/>
>>  </connect>
>> </obj>
> But in this bottom-up approach the number box of this example must be 
> created before the print ! (as we spoke about yeterday)
> So you can't simple put the objects on the empty canvas and then connect 
> them (of course you can do that too, but i think this is more 
> complicated ?)

i meant, that you first should parse the whole XML-domtree and 
afterwards create the objects and connect them (when you already know 
what is there)

> what about name ? :
> <connect inlet="3">
>  <from name="obj1" outlet="1">
>  <from name="obj2" outlet="0">
> </connect>

well, i really don't care...

> like this:
> <nbx ID="nbx1"/>
> <obj ID="obj1">print
>  <connect ID="blabla" inlet="0">
>   <from ID="nbx1" outlet="0"/>
>  </connect>
> </obj>
> but which advantages has this approach? You could also go to the object 
> and delete the connection (and in the bottom-up style the object would 
> be the one under the connection).
> And if you give labels to the connections you also have to remeber these 
> if you are writing a patch in an editor (so that you don't use one label 
> multiple times).

hmm yes; probably make the connect-ID optional (so you _could_ name it 
and delete it as such or choose to delete it based on the object)

the advantages i really don't know, it was just an idea, as i found the 
dyn-approach quite good (as far as i remember it).
but probably XML-files wouldn't be the way you would go when doing 
dynamic patching - otoh why not ? you would then need to have atomic 
transactions, which isn't that bad either.


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