[PD-dev] ideas for developing data structure further

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sat Dec 18 21:46:59 CET 2004

In the process of making my "Solitude" composition, I came up with a  
few ideas for improvements on Pd's data structures:

- a way to delete scalars

The biggest improvement would be the addition of a method to delete  
scalars.  This would allow a number of things. A simple example would  
be to have a cursor and minute markers that only exists when the score  
is being played.   A really great example would be the ability to show  
and hide parts of the graphical representation.    For example, each  
voice could be saved to an individual file, then with a toggle, it  
would be displayed or hidden.

- a way to raise/lower scalars so you can get to scalars that are  
blocked by others

This is minor, but it would be handy to have a "send-to-back" function,  
so that you could get to scalars that are completely obscured by  

- full color support (8-bits for each R, G, B)

If the data structures support standard 24-bit color, then color could  
be a much more usable dimension.  The current scheme is a bit odd, and  
is quite limited in terms of the range of colors it can represent.



"Computer science is no more related to the computer than astronomy is  
related to the telescope."
                                                      -Edsger Dykstra 

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