[PD-dev] Only 1 Audio-inlet and GEM external

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Thu Dec 30 10:56:32 CET 2004

Hallo IOhannes, others!

I want to make a GEM object with 1 audio inlet and 1 audio outlet.

So I added in the setup callback:
  class_addmethod(classPtr, nullfn, gensym("signal"), A_NULL);
If I make now the MAINSIGNALIN makro like in "normal" PD-externals I have 1
audio inlet, but it points to the data of the audio outlet !?

Okay, so I added
  inlet_new(this->x_obj, &this->x_obj->ob_pd, &s_signal, &s_signal);
to the constructor and now it works, but now I have of course two inlets and
the left onw works how I want to have it.

So make question: is it also possible with only one audio-inlet. If yes,
what am I making wrong ?

thanks, LG

PS: I attached the cpp file

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