[PD-dev] Re: is object #-tracking necessary for automated patching?

ix ix at replic.net
Thu Dec 30 23:26:43 CET 2004

> well ... what about a "thiscanvas" object (or a fancier name) that sends
> messages to the canvas it's created on ... this way, it's easy to access
> the canvas without renaming it ...
> that's much cleaner and could replace namecanvas ...

supposing ive made a region mapper like the one in Kontakt -idea apparently taken from upper-left img @ http://mediatheque.ircam.fr/articles/textes/Lindemann90/figure1.gif 

,,which spits out commands to create an abstraction on the canvas with a particular $1 argument..is there any easy way to delete a particular one later on without keeping track of #s. like assigning an ID? or maybe "delete from thiscanvas where $1 == 'sector4-3'

hoping theres a way besides #s...but theres always a clever workaround waiting around the corner..

> cheers ... tim
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