[PD-dev] ranlib has no symbols on a compilation of flext with OSX

Thomas goepfer Thomas.Goepfer at ircam.fr
Mon Apr 4 16:12:01 CEST 2005

Hi !

I have a little error when I compile flext (flext-0.4.7-pd-osx.tgz) for 
at the end of the compilation, I have this:
mv /Users/thomas/Desktop/memoire/flext/installation/lib*.dylib 
ranlib /Users/thomas/Desktop/memoire/flext/installation/*.a  # have to 
rerun ranlib at install dir ?!
ranlib: file: 
/Users/thomas/Desktop/memoire/flext/installation/libflext.a(flthr.o) has 
no symbols
(I changed the directory /usr/local/lib/pd/flext to 
/Users/thomas/Desktop/memoire/flext/installation because I thought the 
problem is a problem of root access)
Why ranlib has no symbols ?
How can I resolve this problem ?

Thanks !

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