[PD-dev] help with first gui-external

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sun Apr 10 13:35:12 CEST 2005

Hi Robert,

> 1. I'd like to output the selection start/end points as milliseconds.
> How can i get the samplerate of a soundfile? Right now, i'm simply 
> using
> pd's system-samplerate for samples-to-milliseconds conversion .

to my knowledge there's no sample rate (or any knind of metadata) 
associated to PD arrays. They are pure data. This is different to 
buffer~ objects in Max/MSP.

> 2. When i change the appearance of the mouse cursor over a tk-item 
> using
> <Enter> and <Leave>, how can i get back to use the normal pd mouse
> cursors after leaving again? (it stays in the appearance i use in the
> <Leave> command)
> I think i have to make the <Leave> command use the current pd-mouse-
> state somehow.
> 3. What do i need to concern about when writing gui-objects for Graph-
> on-Parent use? At the present state, pd crashes when i try to open a
> subpatcher including my object as GOP (Memory Access Violation).

Sorry, can't help with those....

best greetings,

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