[PD-dev] Re: problem making Pd.app with TclTk-8.4.9

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Mon Apr 11 00:33:10 CEST 2005

when I used to build 8.4.7  I used the full install only for the  
headers, and Standalone for linking (and bundling) the Frameworks.
I don't know, but the "Standalone"  binaries seem more suitable for  
Pd.app, dont they?


El 08/04/2005, a las 21:56, Hans-Christoph Steiner escribió:

> Ok, a minor update:  that error happened when I used the Frameworks  
> that were installed into /Library/Frameworks inside of the  
> Pd.app/Contents instead of the Frameworks that come with the  
> TclTkStandalone Wish\ Shell.app.  This is necessary for building the  
> Pd.app since the newer standalone .apps no longer include the headers.  
>  When I swap the standalone Frameworks back, the Pd.app starts, but in  
> a broken form.
> When this Pd.app launches, it doesn't have the Prefernces or the Help  
> menus, and it can't open any windows, either with File->New or  
> File->Open.  Again, it works fine when its launched from the command,  
> and therefore call's the Wish Shell.app
> .hc
> On Apr 8, 2005, at 2:19 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> So I have built a Pd.app using TclTk 8.4.9, which includes all of  
>> Jamie's super handy graphics fixes.  It works fine if I use pd from  
>> the command line, i.e. the old way.  But whenever I run the Pd.app, I  
>> get this:
>> --------------------------
>> hans at sla:mac-stuff > Pd-0.38-4_TclTk-8.4.9.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd
>> alloc: invalid block: 0xa08fc9c: a 80 0
>> Abort
>> --------------------------
>> It seems to be the Tcl version of a kernel panic.  Any ideas as to  
>> how to troubleshoot this?  Or even better, what this error message  
>> means in particular?  This seems to affect TclTk 8.4.5 thru 8.4.9.   
>> 8.4.4 works fine.
>> I really want to get the newer TclTk working because it is sooo much  
>> nicer: faster, many bug fixes, looks better.
>> .hc
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