[PD-dev] name-battle round 2: SCons

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Apr 12 19:14:57 CEST 2005

ix at replic.net hat gesagt: // ix at replic.net wrote:

> so, these weird recursion errors SCons was driving me crazy over,
> are beacuse there are multiple C files with the same name.. for
> example maxlib/urn.c and cyclone/hammer/urn.c..

Cool, that you are working on a scons-build. I'm just getting into
scons, and it looks like I'll settle there, too. Great tool.

> basically you cant do that, so if you want to try out the new
> externals build system, cd build/ and type 'scons' and then 'scons
> install' if it all went well, but it definitely wont unless you:
> rm src/urn.*
> rm src/match.*
> rm src/prepend.*
> rm src/sinh.c
> rm src/delta~.c
> rm src/reson~.c
> rm src/abs~.c
> rm src/svf~.c
> rm src/matrix~.c
> rm src/atan2~.c
> ..scripting the removal of these files in scons would be hackish, even by my standards...

But you did? ;)

Hm, especially when at least prepend.c is an important external, and
it's important, that there is only one of the many prepends in the
build. The old build systems "solved" this quite nicely in that only
the prepend.c in it was built. A final solution should also deal with
the name clashes and only build and install one of the relevant

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