[PD-dev] New flext: pool crashes

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Apr 12 22:16:45 CEST 2005


I experience a strange crash with current [pool], checked out some
minutes ago and flext checked out then as well.  I'm using Miller's Pd
0.38 HEAD from CVS, that is, I'm not using the "devel_X" branch.

_The crash_

If I create a simple patch: 

 [set x y(

and if I then bang [set x y( *twice* Pd immediatly crashes. Under gdb,
this is in the backtrace: 

pool 0.2.1pre - hierarchical storage object, (C)2002-2005 Thomas Grill

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1209710912 (LWP 13024)]
0xb7636105 in poolval::Set () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7636105 in poolval::Set () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
#1  0xb7636a3c in pooldir::SetVal () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
#2  0xb7630153 in pool::set () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
#3  0xb7633b15 in pool::flext_c_m_set () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
#4  0xb76bf518 in flext_base_single::TryMethTag () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/xsample.pd_linux
#5  0xb76bf6d9 in flext_base_single::FindMeth () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/xsample.pd_linux
#6  0xb76424de in flext_base_single::CbMethodHandler () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/pool.pd_linux
#7  0xb76bfbcf in flext_base_single::cb_px_anything () from /usr/lib/pd/extra/xsample.pd_linux
#8  0x0809b756 in pd_typedmess (x=0x82613d0, s=0x1, argc=2, argv=0x80f2b30) at m_class.c:749
#9  0x0809d037 in outlet_anything (x=0x8261f14, s=0x8203b88, argc=2, argv=0x80f2b30) at m_obj.c:380
#10 0x0809b756 in pd_typedmess (x=0x82614dc, s=0x1, argc=2, argv=0x80f2b30) at m_class.c:749
#11 0x0809ebc4 in binbuf_eval (x=0x8263024, target=0x82614dc, argc=1, argv=0xbfffd698)
    at m_binbuf.c:574
#12 0x08061dec in text_click (z=0x82614c0, glist=0x825ed30, xpix=235, ypix=136, shift=136713436,
    alt=-1073752424, dbl=0, doit=0) at g_text.c:300
#13 0x08079745 in canvas_doclick (x=0x825ed30, xpos=235, ypos=136, which=1, mod=0, doit=1)
    at g_editor.c:742
#14 0x0807ddeb in canvas_mousedown (x=0x8263024, xpos=-7.73854845e-06, ypos=-7.73854845e-06,
    which=-7.73854845e-06, mod=-7.73854845e-06) at g_editor.c:1172
#15 0x0809b88d in pd_typedmess (x=0x825ed30, s=0x1, argc=136703280, argv=0x436b0000)
    at m_class.c:728
#16 0x0809b756 in pd_typedmess (x=0x82148d0, s=0x1, argc=4, argv=0x80f2b08) at m_class.c:749
#17 0x0809ebc4 in binbuf_eval (x=0x8263024, target=0x82148d0, argc=0, argv=0x0) at m_binbuf.c:574
#18 0x080a6fc0 in socketreceiver_read (x=0x82137f8, fd=0) at s_inter.c:509
#19 0x080a8b5f in sys_domicrosleep (microsec=136720420, pollem=1) at s_inter.c:169
#20 0x080a879e in sys_pollgui () at s_inter.c:787
#21 0x080a3828 in m_scheduler () at m_sched.c:456
#22 0x080ad6db in main (argc=136720420, argv=0x8263024) at s_entry.c:27

Does it ring a bell with someone? 

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