[PD-dev] Work on "help" menu and help-patch searching spec

ix at replic.net ix at replic.net
Mon Apr 25 00:59:53 CEST 2005

On Sun, Apr 24, 2005 at 06:48:07PM -0400, B. Bogart wrote:
> Hi IX!
> Hmmm, I figure specs are a good way to descibe a possible solution that

well hardly a spec, i should have looked to see how concise it was first..

> Where does your grep search pick up "hanning-window"? From the name of
> the array, from the comments? Indeed scanning for "keyword" would match

my point exactly..between the unlikeliness of retrofitting all the help files, and no idea where it will be...sometimes its a #X text, other times its the name of a graph, or a message - i guess in the indexer would give KEYWORD: annotations a higher relevance in search results...

> I think right now the help menu is NOT dynamic, only the submenus
> (5.reference) are actually dyanamic. I should put a note in the wiki
> that the menu should be dynamically generated... (though this would be
> interesting when the -help files are centralized (in extra for example)

should the auto-generated doc menu be scanning extra/ as well as help/ then? extra/ seems to be mainly used for abstractions and binary libraries...


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