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cyrille cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Wed Apr 27 20:45:09 CEST 2005


B. Bogart a écrit :
> Hey Cyrille,
> I have not looked at your abstractions (yet) but I am also amassing a
> collection in pixelTANGO that would be useful in other things.
> Are you saying that you don't think your abstractions should be
> available by default? Why not?
no, in fact i just say that the abstraction in nusmuk folder (the one i 
comit) sould not necessary be available by default.

> Imagine the new help system where a
> person types a word for something they are looking for, and a match
> comes up for one of your abstractions. The end user should be able to
> use any external/object/abstractions that solves the problem they are
> trying to solve. I think everything possible should be included, as long
> as we are careful with duplicate names & functionality.
that is the point.
i think i just commit personal stuf that certainly be usfull to somes 
peoples. but certainly be duplicated (by name or functionality) of other 
abstraction that users could have made.

by exemple, my first commit was a granulator abstraction.
there is other granulator abstraction avalable, and i don't say that 
mine is better.
so it's nice to have it in the cvs, but i don't thing it's good to have 
only one granulation abstraction.

> I think the idea of a user (somehow) finding your abstraction (by
> browsing the directory structure?) and then having to manually add it to
> the path to use it is a totally unneccesary inconvienience.

i personnaly do not add the abstraction i commited in my -path : i know 
where they are, and when i nead them i just copy them to the directory 
of my project.
it's just in order to be sure to find them when i'll open my project in 
few years.
i'm sure that in few years i'll use an other granulation abstraction 
what will have a better sound than the one i use now.

so i think the easier is not to have them by default. otherwise, i'll 
may change there name to ch_granulator, in order to avoid nameclash with 
other users.


> B
> Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>> On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, cyrille wrote:
>>>> Though I know that "abstractions" is an old, established term in
>>>> regards to the Max family of languages, I think that with Pd it is
>>>> somewhat misleading.  Ideally there should be no distinction between
>>>> Pd  objects written in C, C++, python, Tcl, TK, and even Pd itself.
>>> the difference i see is that the patch i commit in the abstraction
>>> folder should not be include by default in the -path...
>>> it's more a place to look at when you want to do something...
>> Could you please elaborate on that?? I'm really curious as to why the
>> so-called "abstractions" wouldn't be first-class citizens of the
>> PureData world.
>> BTW if you are more comfortable writing it in French, write it in French
>> and I'll do my best to translate.
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