[PD-dev] Dev Meeting this Friday

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Apr 28 03:39:19 CEST 2005

Unless San Diego has recently broke off from the rest of the state of  
California, there is definitely Daylight's Saving Time there (aka  
summer time aka UTC-7).


For a little dose of daylight's savings madness check this: the Hopi  
nation does NOT observe daylight's savings, its completely within the  
Navajo nation, which does observe daylight's savings, and its  
completely within the state of Arizona, which does NOT observe  
daylight's savings, and its completely within the Mountain time zone,  
which does observe daylight's savings.


On Apr 27, 2005, at 8:04 PM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> Dev Meeting this Friday
> host IRC.FreeNode.Net
> port 6667
> channel #dataflow
> time:
>  |- 19.00 UTC+2 (Graz/etc)
>  |- 17.00 UTC
>  |- 13.00 UTC-4 (Montréal/NewYork/etc)
>  `-  9.00 UTC-8 (SanDiego)
> reminder:
>   summer time is in effect in Montréal and Graz.
>   there is no such time shift for SanDiego, and we don't want
>   Miller to have to get up too early, so this is why it's late for
>   the europeans. Sorry. Drink your Murauer in front of the computer.
>   (It rhymes so it must be a good idea)
> I'll _try_ to come up with the topic-list I have promised, ... well,  
> before the actual meeting, anyway.
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