[PD-dev] dsp_rmv?

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun May 1 10:57:02 CEST 2005

hi carmen ...

> hi, im looking for the opposite of dsp_addv and can't find it. i'd
> like to remove an external from the dsp chain, and re-add it, with a
> different number of ins/outs. since the new 'plug' message to plugin~
> allows loading different plugins which have a different # of inlets or
> outlets than the previous plugin - LADSPA seems to have a huge range,
> some are mono, some have 4 ins 1 out, some are 2 by 2 - im not sure
> what the popular workarounds for this situation are..

well, i don't think, this is easily possible ... at least you'd have to
recreate the dsp chain for that ... (so no dsp_rmv, but adapt the
plugin_dsp function)
still, i'm not sure, if the dynamic creation of inlets will create any
further trouble ...

cheers ... tim

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