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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed May 4 21:38:33 CEST 2005


Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
> but you want them separate too...  a reference page should be
> kept in a separate window anyway, so what is wrong about that
> window being controlled by another application?

I don't see where we're proposing to keep them separate?

> However, my point is not about using a web browser, but about
> storing a reference page as a single parsable resource, instead
> of breaking it into several unparsable comments (same goes for
> any other type of longer self-contained text).

The problem with a specialized file for reference is that it has to be
edited independantly of the patches themselves. The -help patches ARE
the major source of documentation in PD. It is much easier for the
developer to conform to a documentation standard in a help-patch and
then get access to all the searching functions and so on, than it is for
the developer to remember to edit the damn references file. (It will
simply fall out of date.) It seems hard enough for developers to keep
their help patches in sync with external source, let alone them doing it
again in another file.

> The way it is displayed is quite another matter.  I am proposing
> the external browser, as the easiest, and the most
> old-fashioned-Pdish way to do it.  Another option is including
> some kind of a browser widget in pd-gui, which you seem proposing:

Again I don't see enough difficiencies in the patching format for
documentation to warrent this move. Where does the content for this html
thing come from? All recreated from scratch from all the existing
patch-based documentation?

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