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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu May 5 17:04:18 CEST 2005

MP3s online anywhere?

I wonder if there is some concept for doing this time of thing outside
of a audio or visual specific manner. With the current PD lecture we
start with UI objects, then metro, random and counter, and then control
stuff with Gem using only those objects and learning new Gem specific

I think it would be great if PD documentation was fun. One thing we have
not talked about is exersises in the PD tutorials. Something like "try
this...." at the bottom of a page and a challange to connect the parts
of the patch above.

I think once the help thing is soemwhat layed out then tutorial stuff
can start. I'm doing a workshop at the end of May, but I'm not sure if
its a good idea to mess with a new (experimental) format for the
workshop... ? Who knows maybe I'll feel adventerous.


Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos is an excellent example of building up from
> the very basic.  The key part of it is that he manages to make each
> little exercise an interesting composition, so it doesn't feel so much
> like exercises.  This is definitely what we should aim for with  tutorials.
> .hc
> On May 4, 2005, at 11:42 AM, B. Bogart wrote:
>> Hey there,
>> I think an introduction needs to be there that is at the bottom level.
>> I've not looked at much of Miller's book but I get the impression it
>> compliments and fills in the doc/ "tutorial" examples.
>> I think the first few steps in PD should assume only the use of a
>> computer, creating shortcuts, and so on. A real introduction would
>> involve an installation guide as well. You would be damn suprised how
>> problematic it is for a new user to add a new -lib flag on windows.
>> (Marc Lavallee and I actually had a hard time getting it to work
>> ourselves, having been so long sice we touched it.)
>> I think documentation should start at the very bottom and build
>> knowledge and skill slowly. It should be structured so that a user with
>> more knowledge can jump in at a particular part and still have a good
>> experience.
>> B>
>> Anton Woldhek wrote:
>>> Ok, so lets drop the port idea then.
>>> So what can we offer newbies that find the currenct documentation too
>>> difficult (millers book)?
>>> Is a text that deals with pd pecularities necessary. What level of dsp
>>> knowledge should it assume?
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