[PD-dev] pddp style guide

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu May 5 17:18:52 CEST 2005

Hi Anton,

I think the idea is that the array of seperate files *-help.pd all_about
etc.. all get hidden from the user and they are accessible through the
new help system. That so far means through the catagorical organizer or
though the searching tool.

As for different types of documents I'll save this for Krzysztof's email.


Anton Woldhek wrote:

> B. Bogart wrote:
>>For the SC help, The main thing I see you after here is that
>>you can get help no matter where you are. I can see this
>>fitting into PD where the popup menu on objects gives you the
>>choice between help for that particular object, help in an
>>all_about patch that includes this object, or the start of a
>>tutorial on using that object...
> Well the main thing that I like about the sc help files is that you can
> include allmost anything in the standard help documentation style. You can
> write large texts that explain different things with some examples in
> between. This transparancy makes it easy to 'discover' the documentation.
> With pd currently, you've got a gazillion .pd's, pdfs & txt's
> That you can look thru and they are all accesible through different means.
> Anton
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