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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu May 5 22:36:58 CEST 2005

On May 5, 2005, at 5:04 AM, Anton Woldhek wrote:

> Hans S wrote:
>> Yes, mikrokosmos for Pd is a great example (I assume you are talking
>> about Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos, which he wrote for his kids
>> to learn
>> piano).
> Yes, that's the Mikrokosmos I meant.
>> I started some sketches along those lines that I call "play
>> now".  The idea was a set of patches with most of the guts
>> hidden with
>> a clear, straightforward interface.  The total newbie could
>> then open
>> the first patch and basically instantly start controlling the
>> sound in
>> real time.  As they learned more, they could open the [pd
>> guts] to see
>> what's going on inside.
> Cool, I'd love to collaborate on this. Im teaching pd to total n00bs at
> school next semester again.

I just committed a bunch of my sketches for this idea.  They are in  
doc/tutorials/playnow.  Feel free to add more, clean mine up, whatever.

Mine are definitely sketches, they need work.


> B. Bogart wrote:
>> For the SC help, The main thing I see you after here is that
>> you can get help no matter where you are. I can see this
>> fitting into PD where the popup menu on objects gives you the
>> choice between help for that particular object, help in an
>> all_about patch that includes this object, or the start of a
>> tutorial on using that object...
> Well the main thing that I like about the sc help files is that you can
> include allmost anything in the standard help documentation style. You  
> can
> write large texts that explain different things with some examples in
> between. This transparancy makes it easy to 'discover' the  
> documentation.
> With pd currently, you've got a gazillion .pd's, pdfs & txt's
> That you can look thru and they are all accesible through different  
> means.
> Anton


"Information wants to be free."
                              -Stewart Brand
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