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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed May 11 04:05:05 CEST 2005

On Sun, 8 May 2005, Thomas Grill wrote:

> In my opinion Miller's vanilla PD is more like a development version in 
> the way that it introduces more fundamental changes to the structure, 
> while the devel branch normally just adds convience features.

This is going to change. The devel branch will introduce more fundamental 
changes to the structure. The reason why no-one has really been daring to 
is because it's too much trouble to repatch every devel version of 
PureData this way:

miller-0.37  ---fork--->  devel-0.37
     |                       / |
     |                      /  |
     |                     /  merge
   evolve   .--obliviate--'  if you
     |     /                  care
     |    /                    |
     v   v                     v
miller-0.38  ---fork--->  devel-0.38

That is, currently, a new devel version is the last released miller 
version plus part of the diff between devel 0.37 and miller 0.37. The 
diagonal arrow is for the most part a non-arrow; to be fair, it's a 
"merge" arrow but with a small percentage, whereas devel 0.38 has all the 
new features of miller 0.38. Basically the same thing happened between 
0.36 and 0.37 (but I wasn't really in the team yet, so correct me if I'm 

What I would see for the future is this:

miller-0.38  ----fork-----> community (formerly devel-0.38)
     |                       / |
     |                      /  |----fork---> community stable R1
     |         whatever    /   |
   evolve   .-- miller ---'  evolve
     |     / wants to do       |
     |    /                    |----fork---> community stable R2
     v   v       merge         v
miller-0.39 --- if you ---> community
     |            care         |
    etc                       etc

Note that there are no version numbers for devel anymore. Here I renamed 
it to "community". This system supports major changes in the community 
branch, and no-longer supports the primacy of the miller branch. The 
community branch would have its own stable releases independent from the 
miller branch; they would be numbered differently so that there would be 
no confusion _and_ that the miller-0.xx.0 releases *don't* drive version 
changes of the releases of the community branch.

> but up to now there was no indication that important features like SIMD 
> code, low latency callbacks and array update time will make it into 
> Miller's PD soon.

There is still no such indication for SIMD, and it will get worse when 
ImpureData enters the picture, which is Real Soon Now (tm).

>> I also think that, to promote evolution of the PureData source code base, 
>> when Miller's 0.39 gets published, diffs between Miller's 0.38 and 0.39 
>> should be merged to devel_0_38, and not the other way around. This is 
>> especially important if there is more work being done on the non-Miller 
>> side than on the Miller side.
> To my knowledge this has always been the case, no?

Does the long explanation above answer your question?

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