[PD-dev] fixed pdtcl prob on 10.4/gcc4.0!

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Wed May 11 06:25:15 CEST 2005


...well, poked around on it tonight and fixed the earlier  
error...I'll make a proper diff, but there are a coupla things to note:

1.  according to the following link, since it's a dynamic library, it  
should be suffixed as such (important at compile time, not so much so  
at runtime):

2.  everyone says not to use libtool directly!

...so I just changed references to "pdtcl" in the makefile & pd.tk to  
"pdtcl.dylib", and then changed the following in the makefile:

#this is for Max OSX only...
$(BIN_DIR)/pdtcl.dylib: $(GOBJ) $(GSRC)
     cd ../obj; gcc -dynamiclib -o $(BIN_DIR)/pdtcl.dylib $(GOBJ) \
     /Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework/Versions/Current/Tk \
     /Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Versions/Current/Tcl \

...also note that it's much better to refer things like above than  
"../../whatever", because that is dependent on whatever dev setup  
order you have (and doesn't work for me and many others)...also, we  
had a laugh about the "Max OSX" typo:  just can't shake yr teacher,  
eh?  ;-)

...I'm assuming this will also work on earlier os x's (and earlier  
versions of gcc), but won't be able to try until tommorrow...


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