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Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Wed May 11 23:11:25 CEST 2005

> Renaming to community sounds good.  But if you are going to fork (i.e.
> make structural changes, IMPd, etc.) then it seems that we should have
> a distinct fork branch, and a devel branch.  devel would be for adding
> changes to miller's version and the community/fork branch would be  
> separate.
well, i disagree with you ... the changes that have been made to devel
reached a point, where they can't easily be merged with miller's version
any more ...
of course, someone could branch of a devel2_0_39 that's based on
stable_0_39 ... but i think this is not worth the effort.
having more than one major branches _is_ a bad idea (but it's the
current situation) ... having more two is insane.
so the one branching from stable_ should consider discussing with the
PD community / Pure Devil developers about the changes he proposes...

> Or it'd probably make the most sense to keep devel as a branch, then  
> make the "community" fork its own directory.  If the idea is to make  
> major, incompatible changes then keeping it a branch doesn't seem to  
> make a lot of sense to me.
well a few changes will have to be made. some may even break the binary
compatibility with miller's branch ...
still, i think it would be a very bad approach to get a too big distance
between miller's pd and what's now devel ... 

cheers ... tim

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