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Now that's an intro...  welcome aboard...


On May 13, 2005, at 8:43 AM, Davide Morelli wrote:

> Oh, well..
> you asked!
> I was born in a mid summer night in 1975 here in Livorno, a city near  
> Pisa and Florence, in Tuscany, Italy.
> I studied piano when I was a boy, then classical guitar. After the  
> high school I studied saxophone at the city's conservatory "Istituto  
> Pareggiato P. Mascagni" (Pietro Mascagni, the one from Cavalleria  
> Rusticana). I graduated in saxophon but I can't say I'm fond of  
> playing any particular instrument (I can play piano, flute, baroque  
> flute, classical guitar, electric one, bass, percussion, very little  
> bit of violin.. I'd learn cello if I had money to buy one) nor I am  
> really good in any..  I begun composing at the age of 15, singing in  
> rock band but I never felt comfortable with it, so I begun playing  
> music for theatre and dance shows.. That amused me a lot.
> At the age of 24 I realized I could not live only writing music so I  
> took a degree at the univerisy of Pisa in "Informatica" (software  
> developing) and started working as software developer in a little  
> (very little) company I created with a friend (www.parser.it). We do  
> whatever comes to us: from simple internet sites to complex  
> distribuited (desktop/web) applications. My works are mostly in C# and  
> C++ when I have enough time... I am happy when I can work on linux.
> In the past 3 years I put composition aside (and worked a lot) but  
> last summer I relized that software developing and composition don't  
> have to be separate.. so I begun my way with csound, I was mainly  
> interested in slowing down the timeline and focus on those sounds we  
> hear but cannot listen because they're too short.
> I passed from csound to pd some month ago becouse I want to use my pc  
> as an instrument, I am interested in realtime.
> My first pd patch was a porting of a nice csound synth, The second was  
> a karplus strong resonant filter (well, I must admit I only followed  
> Derek Holzer's cues..)
> My first external (the one I'm asking cvs access for) is nn, now  
> renamed ann_mlp: Multi layer Perceptron Neural Networks
> I am now working on ann_tdnn : Time Delay Neural Networks (for gesture  
> recognition)
> both of them using FANN.
> composers I love:
> microsounders,
> steve reich, p. glass
> chet baker, miles, coltrane
> debussy, ravel, etc..
> bach, mozart, etc..
> reinassance music
> medieval music
> some link:
> www.davidemorelli.it
> http://www.puredata.org/Members/dmorelli
> PS.
> my first computer was a ZX Spectrum (how I love that little piece of  
> cake), when I was 10 I built my first 2 programs:
> 1 - a matematical functions visualizer (simple functions)
> 2 - a little sequencer (obviously not polyphonic)
> .. funny: at the age of 30 I'm finally doing the same things I was  
> doing when I was 10!
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>> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>> No objections, but an introduction would be nice.  Maybe that should  
>>> be
>>> the requirement of being added to the project.  The proposed member
>>> should write a little intro about themselves.  There are so many new
>>> people these days, I've lost track of who's who.
>> yes i think that is a good point.
>> all developers at the CVS should be subscribed to pd-dev
>> and new developers should make them known somehow (i don't have  
>> problems
>> with totally new people, but it makes the community feeling somewhat
>> stronger)
>> so davide, please introduce yourself ;-)
>> mfg.oi7.yxc
>> IOhannes
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