[PD-dev] Re: tcl/tk drag n'drop's?

ix at replic.net ix at replic.net
Thu May 19 21:59:35 CEST 2005

> ..looking into working on the osx port's of BLT,  
> TkZinc, etc. in order to play with all of the extensions :-)

yeah went a bit crazy with the extensions, basically i just wanted to try them out and learna little Tk.. in the end ive scaled back to tkpath (which looks to become integrated some day) and BLT, for the graphical OSC Sequencer: http://whats-your.name/pd/sux.png . after i finish up this widget which should double as a piano roll or 'sequence arranger', im pretty much done for now, unless you know of anyone who is willing to fund such coding (since there isnt a graphical OSC sequencer on the planet right now, surely someone must be interested, but i dont know who..and don't live in Barcelone, Graz, or Montreal..:)

heres my thoughts on the tk stuff..

i gave up on TkZinc, since it keept crashing Xorg (lethal combi of XRender, XFT, and TkZinc's OpenGL output..) they at least acknowledged on their list that it is currently fubar..

BLT is cool, but id try 2.4 rather than the CVS (v3.0 which was giving weird errors)

> ...a quick question:  why do you use Tkdnd for drag and drop instead  
> of the drag and drop capability in BLT? 

TkDnd works outside Tk, ie explorer.exe, konqueror, kate.. but theres no OSX version afaik, and to even make it run in X the author had to mail me a patch to the Tk core..so, yeah.. i think intra-tk DND should need no extensions, just binding <Leave> and <Enter> to various clipboard-esque operations..

> Same question applies to the  
> tkTreectrl and blt's treeview...admittedly these are probably naive  

hm, tktree looked prettier? i think a nicer tree could/should be done canvas-only, perhaps something like this: http://www.edwardtufte.com/bboard/images/0001OF-1054.jpg ..existing tree-gui stuff is too wonky and derivative of the win3.1/95 file browser -ie scroll a lot & expand/collapse junk all the time..

> questions, but only because I have no familiarity with the extensions  
> from actual usage...

yeah, i think less is more, with Tk now drawing to a Cairo backend (and with forthcoming openGL accel for that) the future for stock Tk would seem bright (and shiny).. now how about some good/cheap multi-point touchscreens..

> thnx,
> jamie

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