[PD-dev] binary packages for devel on osx

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun May 22 21:57:57 CEST 2005

> automake is having trouble it seems.  That is going to be the same on 
> all platforms.  And some files seem to be missing.  The problems don't
> looks like cross-platform issues to me.
wait ... you haven't been using the bootstrap script but automake-1.7
instead of automake-1.8 ... would it be possible to try this?
as you know, autobuild-1.x != autobuild-1.y if x != y ...

> The autoconf stuff is not perfect but it works and I know it well  
> enough.  I have little time or interest in learning a new build system
> when what's there already works.
well, what's there is _not_ working on osx ... what's there is working
on linux only ... 

since pd is a cross platform application, we should try to use a
cross platform build system ...
scons is cross platform, which makes it very interesting for pd ...
still, i'm not familiar, how to build pd on an osx machine properly ...
nor do i know, how do build an "app", which seems to be the preferred
binary for osx ...

anyway ... thanks for trying ... t

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