[PD-dev] pdogg hacks

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Wed May 25 23:43:35 CEST 2005

hi all

-- first --

thanx tim and guenter for the help on my pd freezes with kernel 2.6 and
bla. it seems to work now, but the bad thing is i wouldn't be able to
tell what was really the problem. i will keep an eye on it, still need
more testing

-- now --

i've done some hacks to the pdogg lib from Olaf Matthes
(Olaf: are you still around?) which have the following changelog:

oggread~: v 0.2d (21 May 2005)
- fixed segfault when trying to open or play wrong files
and send EOF bang
- added support to read ogg/vorbis metatags (id3 info)

oggcast~: v 0.2m (21th May 2005) --by rama:
- updated help-oggcast~.pd: now provides a valid streaming
server/password to start (thanks r23.cc)
- fixed segfaults while setting Vorbis Comments (id3 tags)
- made description tag set-able through message (was hardcoded)
- fixed lot of indentation chaos in the code

i think this fixes are important and it's a very nice working lib in
general and is great to expand the use of OGG.

i would like very much to introduce this into the externals main
repository. I've never used cvs, and this could be a fine point to start
if you agree.

i would even like more if any of you could review a bit the code.
my C knowledge is very initial, and i could have done horrible things
in this code, but what i can say is it works! :)

it's published here:


ps: i don't know if a diff would be helpful, as I've changed a lot the
indentation, as the originial seemed to be quite messed up.

have a nice evening!

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