[PD-dev] ogg bonus

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Wed May 25 23:48:51 CEST 2005

oh, i also did oggcastw~ which is basically a merge between oggcast~ and
oggwrite~ to be able to record independently from the stream despite
network stability, to be sure that you can save to local file even if
the net breaks (and you don't lose your session).

you would say why not using both oggcast~ and oggwrite~, but this
hacking came up from the need of our beloved hackmedialab in barcelona
where they stream with a P IV 1.7 and using both objects would load the
processor enough to have an ugly stream and recording.

you can get it here: http://rama.xicnet.com/oggcastw~.tar.gz

actually what do you think about the idea and also the possibilities
of making an object which does the encoding, and then you can route this
to the streamer or writer objects.

the point should be to not encode twice the same data, for recording and

would that be possible? does it make sense?

hasta luego,


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