[PD-dev] problems with this list?

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Thu May 26 14:08:04 CEST 2005

hi again,

i've posted two messages yesterday on this list,
they didn't get back to me yet (I'm subscribed as medialist at xicnet.com)
but I got an answer from Olaf, so I noticed the mail went through the
list. but still don't have my original posts.

I've checked the mail.log in my server and seems to not have received
any smtp input from the pd-list mailserver [iem.kug.ac.at].

I see the messages show in the archive

does this happen to any of you as well?

IOhannes you are the list admin, right? would you be so kind to give a
check to this, bitte? thx .. i know it's boring, but also not receiving
the mails from the list is much more boring ;)

if there is anyhthing I could help on, plz tell.

last thing:

we discussed this a bit before, but I still feel not convinced about it:

why do the list replies go back to the original poster rather than the
list itself?

I really think that if a post produces replies they should remain as a
public thread, whereas now it drops into a private exchange.

is this really what we need/like/prefer? why?

thanks for the pacience
have a nice day,


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