[PD-dev] pd-dev list: something is not properly working (just for me?)

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Fri May 27 02:25:37 CEST 2005

hi, i had to do a copy & paste of this reply from Frank
from the list archives on the web, as I didn't get it on my mailbox.

first I though I was not only getting back my original posts, but it
*seems* like I don't receive messages from the pd-dev list since

I thought i was not subscribed to the list for some reason, so tried to
re-suscribe, and got a "privacy alert" from mailman, saying I'm

can you help me discover what stupid thing I'm doing somewhere if it's
me? it's quite annoyting to check the archives each time...

i reply Frank below:

rama hat gesagt: // rama wrote:

>> we discussed this a bit before, but I still feel not convinced about it:
>> why do the list replies go back to the original poster rather than the
>> list itself?
> Because you have sent your mail to the original poster instead of to
> the list. It's not a software problem.

ok, this is the point of discussion held some time ago.

*why* not default to reply to the list?
it's very annoying to have to 'reply all' if you want to keep the thread
on the list (which is usually what we prefer, or not?)

> The pd-lists don't touch your decision, who to sent mail to, at all.

well, but they can decide as well: Reply to original sender, or Reply to this list
for sure, i'm also admin for several lists running mailman.

so my stressy request is to change default to "Reply to this list".

can someone make clear why it's not like this? or why it's prefered to not do it this way?
sorry for being annoying, but I fell quite sure that this beheaviour would be
more appropiate.

i usually do normal "reply", which defaults to original poster with the pd lists.

> (If you use Mutt: It has a "list-reply" function normally mapped to the
> key "L". Add "pd-list" to your ~/.muttrc as: "subscribe pd-list pd-dev
> ..." and you're set.)

i was using mutt several years before, for some silly reasons I moved to Evolution,
which sucks quite much, but I still don't think it should depend on the client email app.

a normal reply, should point you directly to the list, a reply all, ok, to the list,
and the poster.. if you want to start the private thread, you simply remove the
pd-$list, and you are set ;)

> Not messing with the reply-to is considered good practice on most
> (technically oriented) mailing lists. Google for "reply-to harmful"
> for the gory details of this discussion.

i know, thanks for the tip anyway,
til later,

> Ciao
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