[PD-dev] class_setfieldnames

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 6 09:18:30 CEST 2005

hi everybody, I just added this:

  EXTERN void class_setfieldnames(t_class *x, const char *s);

It's intended to store the names of the fields. What counts as fields and
what doesn't is another story. Each struct inheriting from t_gobj has a
number of things in it, but I'm especially intending this for messages as
found in *.pd files, that is, constructors of objects.

By convention I include *every* atom in the creation message, which
includes pretty obvious things like "#X obj". What people type in an
objectbox starts at argument number 5. (and argument numbering starts at

example of use:

    "foo bar x1 y1 class w hold break isa "
    "snd rcv lab ldx ldy fstyle fs bcol fcol lcol");

where the string is a space-separated list of fields, and in this case 
it's straight from running desire.tk and typing this in the tcl box:

  global fields; list $fields(bng)

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Freelance Digital Arts Engineer, Montréal QC Canada

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