[PD-dev] interactive video interface for windows

Colin Gilboy colin.gilboy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 18:46:45 CEST 2005

Hi PD-Dev list.

This is my first post. Welcome me, heartily.

I'm working on a webcam motion-detection based external for pd in
windows. Right now I have a video detection module that runs in python
and connects to a lightweight socket communication external in pd.

The idea is that the user can define little regions (via pd) in the
webcams field of vision (at this point, rectangles) and if the python
side detects motion in those regions, it spits out the id number of
that particular region in the pd external. that way particular regions
can be mapped (via select, moses, whatever...) to some actions in pd.
It works, but it's bulky because it requires python.

I believe a similar system exists in PDP,  but as far as I understand,
that doesn't work in windows, and my webcam doesn't get along with

I'm pretty sure I can get this whole system to work purely in C/C++
and run directly through the pd external, but I haven't been that
ambitious yet (python's so nice for prototyping). Is it worth the
Otherwise, anyone have any comments, tips, direction?



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