[PD-dev] How to initialise array?

Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 27 12:06:29 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but I am truly
stuck. I'm having trouble with this external I've
written. Basically it needs to initialise an array as
it is loaded, so that when audio is turned on it
starts an array-FIFO process where one array
calculated from the input vector is stored in another
on each block.

I tried putting a for loop in the _new function, and
this works when the object is loaded from within a PD
patch. But when I try to load the patch again it
crashes PD.

Does anyone know of a command that initialises an
array to zeros? I will I have to make a workaround?


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