[PD-dev] externals/build SConscript

Lorenz Schori lorenz.schori at gmx.ch
Fri Oct 28 15:09:07 CEST 2005


i've done a little work on the SConscript in external build system to  
better support osx:
- define MACOSX for osx builds (for miXed)
- remove -dynamiclib from SHLINKFLAGS and add -bundle and - 
bundle_loader ../../pd/bin/pd
- fink and darwinports locations are added to CPPPATH and LIBPATH if  
they exist
- search for *.libs files in win/darwin/linux and after in src  
directory and add the flags

- some few externals still don't compile because of missing libraries  
and .libs or minor include problems.

perhaps we could introduce some static link option (i'm not sure if  
i'd like statically linked externals). another possibility would be  
to just grep for the used libraries (*.libs) and bundle them with the  
externals or with pd.app (not quite trivial. see: http://qin.laya.com/ 


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